Different nameserver IPs and proper setup

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I am trying to host a .de domain.
They have very strict requirements.
One of those requirements is to have different IPs for the two nameservers(so ns1.domain.de and ns2.domain.de cannot point to the same IP).
They provide a tool to check if everything is setup well(https://www.denic.de/en/service/tools/nast/).
I have a class of IPs from my provider, so I have different IPs(different VPSes running myvesta) but I cannot properly set the DNS for the second NS.
I keep getting "Inconsistent set of NS RRs (IP, NS host names)" error when I check it using the tool above.
Can you please tell me what the proper setup should be?

Thank you.
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It's probably expecting the same SOA header.
I think you can trick it if you get the content of /home/USER/conf/dns/DOMAIN.COM.db and copy-paste to the second server (to the same file) and then restart bind9:

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systemctl restart bind9
Other solution is CloudFlare DNS :D
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