How to setup cPanel Zone Editor in case that you move domain and/or emails to myVesta

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In a situation when you migrated the whole website and emails (or just any of those two) from cPanel to myVesta, and you want to point records to your new myVesta server instead of changing DNS nameservers, those are the steps on how to do that correctly.

Before we begin, here are the instructions on how to migrate (emails/whole websites) from cPanel to myVesta: Let's go through the scenarios:

1. The first scenario - you moved only emails and want to point records so your new myVesta server can receive emails:

Go to cPanel/Domains/Zone Editor

sss1.png (80.1 KiB)

Go to Manage for a domain for which you want to edit records - in this example we will do it for

sss94.png (68.4 KiB)

Select MX records and go Edit for desired domain, in this case that's

sss93.png (71.36 KiB)

Insert your myVesta hostname

sss92.png (78.39 KiB)

Alternative way is to point A record of to your myVesta server IP (you can also do both):

sss5.png (155.88 KiB)

In the end, let's copy those records from our myVesta DNS tab to cPanel Zone Editor for desired domain. Go to myVesta hosting panel -> DNS -> Desired domain from the list of domains, in this example, that would be, and from there copy those 4 records to Zone Editor (without ")
  • SPF record
  • _dmarc record
  • _domainkey TXT record
  • mail._domainkey TXT record

sss7.png (61.09 KiB)

And this is how it should look like in cPanel Zone Editor:

sss911.png (118.54 KiB)

2. The second scenario - you moved emails and website to myVesta server

In this case, for MX records you would do everything described above, and on top of that,t we are going to change additional A records.

So while we are still in Zone Editor, select A records and change A record for to point to your myVesta IP address

sss61.png (68.29 KiB)

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