What is the easiest way to migrate from VestaCP to myVesta

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What is the easiest way to migrate from VestaCP to myVesta

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  • On your current Vesta server, as root, run: v-backup-users
  • Copy files from /backup to some remote server
  • Install myVesta on new server
  • Create /backup folder
  • Now your generated backups files from remote server copy to /backup folder on myVesta server
  • On myVesta server, as root, run: v-restore-user UsernameOfAccount UsernameOfAccount.2020-06-20_01-10-02.tar (of course use proper username and filename that exists)
Normally, after restoring backups, your imported domains will have DNS that contains NS1, NS2 and IP of the original (old) server.
If it differs from the server you importing backup, you can do:

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v-normalize-restored-user YOUR_USERNAME
and it will put NS1, NS2 and IP of your current server.

Advice: don't kill old server before you bring everything on new.
Or, if it's cloud, please make snapshot of old server before you kill it.

We saw the situations where people got corruptred backups because there was no free space on old server to make full backup.
They didn't noticed that (they didn't check /usr/local/vesta/log/backup.log) and killed server with thinking that everything is in backup files.
They had supprise when they tried to restore them on new server :(


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