How to remove a limit of max 15 recipients per email

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A lot of spammers (when they hack business users or site) uses the fact that nothing prevent them to put 500 email addresses per mail, and then to send spam.
We already have limit of 40 mails per hour, but when they put 500 addresses per mail, that limit will not prevent them to send 20.000 spam emails...
Because of that, we limited max number of recipients per email to 15, in order to prevent their ability to do mass spamming.

However, some business users sometimes have a need to send email to more than 15 email addresses.
So, here is how to delete this limitation, or set it to higher value.


Edit file: /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template


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recipients_max = 15
recipients_max_reject = true
(should be around 28-29 line)

Delete both lines (or modify 15 to higher value).

Restart Exim4:

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service exim4 restart

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