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Wanted to throw the idea here, but if you add dynamic support for the SNI on Exim, should be able to add SSL for IMAP:

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./exim4.conf.template:39:tls_certificate = ${if exists{/usr/local/vesta/ssl/${tls_sni}.pem}{/usr/local/vesta/ssl/${tls_sni}.pem}{/usr/local/vesta/ssl/certificate.crt}}
./exim4.conf.template:40:tls_privatekey = ${if exists{/usr/local/vesta/ssl/${tls_sni}.key}{/usr/local/vesta/ssl/${tls_sni}.key}{/usr/local/vesta/ssl/certificate.key}}
I believe the only issue may be permissions, that need to be given to exim, but should automatically add support for the domain, if we have the key generated for the domain/subdomain (eg

Maybe you could implement on the next version?

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Thank you very much, I think HestiaCP has similar solution, we planned to use that, because we are basically the same panel.
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