How to sync/migrate emails using IMAPSync

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In case when you need to sync emails from another server to your myVesta hosting panel, this script could be very useful.

Firstly, we will install this script, because it's not installed by default during myVesta installation. Here is the official GitHub link: ... Debian.txt

In your SSH, as root, run:

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apt update

apt install -y            \
  libauthen-ntlm-perl     \
  libcgi-pm-perl          \
  libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl   \
  libdata-uniqid-perl         \
  libencode-imaputf7-perl     \
  libfile-copy-recursive-perl \
  libfile-tail-perl        \
  libio-socket-inet6-perl  \
  libio-socket-ssl-perl    \
  libio-tee-perl           \
  libhtml-parser-perl      \
  libjson-webtoken-perl    \
  libmail-imapclient-perl  \
  libparse-recdescent-perl \
  libproc-processtable-perl \
  libmodule-scandeps-perl  \
  libreadonly-perl         \
  libregexp-common-perl    \
  libsys-meminfo-perl      \
  libterm-readkey-perl     \
  libtest-mockobject-perl  \
  libtest-pod-perl         \
  libunicode-string-perl   \
  liburi-perl              \
  libwww-perl              \
  libtest-nowarnings-perl  \
  libtest-deep-perl        \
  libtest-warn-perl        \
  make                     \
  time                     \

cd /root

git clone

cd imapsync

chmod +x imapsync

./imapsync --testslive
Now let's install our helpers scripts:

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mkdir work
mkdir work/accounts

wget -nv -O /root/imapsync/work/
chmod u+x /root/imapsync/work/

wget -nv -O /root/imapsync/work/
chmod u+x /root/imapsync/work/

wget -nv -O /root/imapsync/work/
chmod u+x /root/imapsync/work/
When we finish installation, we can proceed with further steps, see next post.

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IMAP syncing

Before we begin with sync, those are important details that you have to know to be able to conduct the sync process:
1. You must know the username, password, and IMAP hostname of the email address on the old server.
2. You must create domain in your myVesta hosting panel.

Now that we know this, let's start with sync:

1. Go to the folder where we run commands.

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cd /root/imapsync/work

2. Let's create sync scripts for every email address that we are going to sync:

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./ 'old.server.hostname' '[email protected]' 'password_on_old_server' 'password_on_your_myvesta_server'
Repeat this command as many times as needed based on the number of email addresses we are syncing.

3. Once you finish step two, let's run all those scripts and start syncing.

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cd /root/imapsync/work

You can run this script as many times as you want (without doing the first two steps) to resync email accounts.

4. When you finish syncing, and you don't need to resync those accounts anymore, run:

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rm -rf /root/imapsync/work/accounts/
This step is used to clear the accounts folder so that they will not be resynced again next time.

Additional explanation from the script creator can be found here:

That's all, Folks!
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