Error from PHP log: Invalid command 'php_flag'

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I get this error:

Invalid command 'php_flag', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

It brings 500 server error when I visit URL

It is caused by my htaccess which Was working until I installed myvesta. What should I edit in PHP.ini to make this work ( I don't want to mess things up)

Htaccess code:

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ErrorDocument 404 /404/index.php
<Files "settings.json">  
  Order Allow,Deny
  Deny from all
php_flag  display_errors 1
php_flag  display_startup_errors 1
php_value  error_reporting 2047
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You can't use php_ flags in .htaccess since PHP is not in Apache but in PHP-FPM.
You can just remove those lines from .htaccess and set those values to PHP-FPM pool.d conf files - viewtopic.php?f=18&t=54

So, in /etc/php/7.x/fpm/pool.d/ you can add:

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php_admin_flag[display_errors] = 1
php_admin_flag[display_errors] = 1
php_admin_value[error_reporting] = 2047
After you make the changes, you should restart php-fpm (do it in SSH, as root):

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sudo systemctl restart php7.x-fpm
(where 7.x is 7.3 for example)
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