How to install SSL certificate to myVesta, Exim and dovecot daemons

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If you pointed your server hostname to your server IP, SSL is already installed in myVesta, Exim and dovecot daemons.

This is tutorial if you didn't do that.


Pre-required step: your server hostname must be full host address that is already pointing to IP of your server.
Check /etc/hostname to see what is your hostname.
If it's not real host address, change it to some domain that you are hosting, by typing in SSH:
and then

Now, lets install Letsencrypt SSL to domain that is your hostname.

In SSH, as root, run:

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v-add-letsencrypt-domain 'admin' $HOSTNAME '' 'yes'
(change 'admin' if your hostname domain is not under 'admin' account)
This step will install LetsEncrypt the same way you can install it via Vesta web panel (so avoid this step if you already installed LetsEncrypt to your domain).
Of course, you can install any other certificate, not only free LetsEncrypt... you can do it via Vesta web panel by editing that domain.

That's all, SSL will be automatically applied to dovecot, Exim and Vesta.

LetsEncrypt SSL will be automatically renewed every 2 months and also automatically applied to dovecot, Exim and myVesta.

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My added domain names which are actually subdomains or alias of a main-domain name in this format ( that I added has SSL enabled but SSL is not enabled on my and the of the alias added.

Basically what happens is that, let's Encrypt works on subdomains but does not on main domain and the server domain; because whenever I try to enable Let's Encrypt Support for the server domain and main domain names I get an error message that says: "Error: Let's Encrypt new auth status 429", but it gets enabled on subdomain and SSL is assigned without any error message.

What did I do wrong and how can I correct this please. Please note that I pointed my server hostname to my server IP as expected.
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i have been able to resolve this issue
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