Domain not detected after restore

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Domain not detected after restore

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I just migrate my vps to another, all VPS using Debian 10, here is my step:
# Old VPS

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v-backup-user admin
File stored in /backup/admin.2022_xxx.tar, rsync to the new VPS to /backup directory.

# New VPS
And I restore it using this command:

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v-restore-user admin /backup/admin.2022_xxx.tar
I checked via a browser for WEB menu, all domains are there, then PhpMyadmin, all databases are restored, and also all files, DNS record, there is nothing problem at all.

But, when I checked using :

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v-list-dns-domains admin
I can't see all of my domains, only domain for login to the panel is listed.

Reboot my VPS doesn't help.
Do I make a mistake?

Thank you.

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