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Hello Everyone,

I have been following this project for a while and I do appreciate all the hard work, it is truly great.
I would like to migrate from VestaCP due to the project being abandoned, as with most VestaCP users you're presented with a choice between Hestia and MyVesta and I personally prefer MyVesta's approach and similarity to the original VestaCP.

I have a few pre-migration questions and I would appreciate if you can answer them.
  • Which OS do you recommend, I know it's Debian, but which version would be recommend as most stable?
  • While I know I cannot ask for the project to be maintained indefinitely, but based on your current knowledge, are you planning to maintain the project for the upcoming 6-12 months?
  • Does MyVesta Support existing VestaCP themes?
  • In case I happened to migrate again for any reason, are MyVesta backups compatible with original VestaCP/Hestia?
Thanks in Advance!
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- Debian 11

- We have our own hosting company with more than 150 servers - our company is focused primarily on business customers (that rent whole servers) and pay enough for fully professional managed services - so - make a conclusion yourself about our plans for maintenance myVesta in the future :D
We have a lot of 'in-house' scripts that we are planning to incorporate into public release in the next 2 years.

- We have our new template - but it's not implemented yet - due to a lack of free time (because frontend can't be so important stuff - important is stable service :D )

- Backup is compatible with the official VestaCP backup format.
I'm not sure if HestiaCP still can import the official VestaCP backup format.
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I moved to Myvesta 2 years ago and it has been the best thing i did, it's well maintained and stable, i tried HestiaCp once, but there was to many bugs 2 years ago. I currently got couple servers running debian 10, and i customized backup scripts to backup directly to backblaze (there is a thread about that) and yea, it works really good.
About the frontend, it even works on my phone, i would like a dark themed one, maybe one day i customize it myself.

offtopic: Thanks to the admin for sharing with us the whole thing for free, maybe you could have some "donations" button where we could donate and even if you don't need the money, you could use it to support charity.
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Thank you both for the replies!

I'll take a snapshot of my server and migrate later tomorrow and I'll keep you updated!

I'll also test my existing VestaCP theme and report if it works fine.
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