Why I made myVesta and not joined HestiaCP

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People asked me many times why I didn't joined HestiaCP.

First of all, at the moment when Hestia was born, I already had many servers with my own "quite a lot modified VestaCP" (at that moment fork didn't have a name).
So, it was not easy to port all those features (that I already had) to HestiaCP.
Simply, porting all those features would took too much time.
Plus, it would probably bring the bugs... and I didn't want to "play" with production servers of my clients... they are paying me for stable servers.

Secondly, to be honest, reason for staying with my fork is to have total control of code and builds, because I don't want to wake up one morning and realize that 120 servers of my company is down because something went wrong during auto-update of hosting panel.
I know how my servers are configured, and I'm careful with git commits (that goes later as myVesta updates).

When someone other is pushing new releases... well... everything can be expected... at least because he don't know if I'm using something specific on my servers.

So, it's subjective reason - specific to me and my company.

I'm not making myVesta to be competition to Vesta, I'm not making myVesta in order to get Vesta users and to have wide reach...
I'm making myVesta primarly for my own company... and because Serghey stopped to make official builds with fixes.
My fork is public just because friends asked me to share it with everyone.

I will maintain myVesta for sure, because I'm doing a business with it.
But if you need faster development and many new features - Hestia is better option because they have much more developers.
Of course, rapid development has it's own risks with code stability... but that brings us to the beginning of this post :)

Also, don't expect from me that I can be fast wtih making new features for myVesta.
I can't be fast.
I'm currently only one developer of myVesta, doing my primarly job in my own company, handling all my clients, and my day has only 24 hours.
myVesta will be developed with a speed that I can follow.
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Thanks to you very much for mantain vesta live, and thanks for your hard job and share with us.

Thanks, works fine, better than Original Vestacp at this time.

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Thank you for a great and stable fork.
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Your location: UA

Thank you so much!
I have been looking for something like that for a long time, I definitely stay with you! 8-)
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NIce work :)
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myVesta wrote: Sat Aug 15, 2020 2:19 pm People asked me many times why I didn't joined HestiaCP....

I'm newer here, after cPanel increase its pricing again, I'm looking an open source secure panel and I got this page.

I have read you had 120 servers (in 2020), right now I only have 5 servers, so migration going to be easy.

Sorry for my english, I'm not native speaker.
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I'm so happy you went in your own direction dpeca. I'm one of those who benefitted from it.

For me your direction was one that carried 100% integrity to your specific brand, which was Debian. You made VestaCP awesome with it. I think the configuration used is a large contribution to the security of the forked script.

At the time of change in 2020 I was with CentOS. So at first I hesitated and went the Belgian fork direction, but I didn't get past installation of the fork, as it works a lot with JavaScript, and I find JavaScript risky because of how little I know about it. So had to abandon the CentOS Belgian fork.

Next I tried Hestia, and there were so many bugs at the time. Post4VPS.com was still active and there were a few Post4VPS members of the discussion forum who had tried Hestia script and experienced the same problems. What made it worse too is that the issues hadn't been documented that much in their Forum. So there weren't real solutions one could try either. Who knows, maybe a year on it's better, but for me I don't think I'll try it again. Not with the availability of the Debian fork.

So finally, but not the last, I was eyeing the Debian fork. I had read all of the background in how it happened at the last staff discussions at VestaCP and how much effort you had put into the Debian fork. What impressed me most was that you were doing the administration of a large number of servers, and that you had to keep the VestaCP script up to date as part of your work. I then thought to change my distribution I was using from CentOS to Debian. What a great move that had been. Like Debian for me now is so much better than CentOS. CentOS is bulky, large, and out of control chaotic. Whereas Debian is more focused, trim, mean and lean. So I probably have to thank you for getting me to change my Linux configuration to Debian as well as providing an excellent VestaCP fork.

I know there must be tons of effort on your side to make the fork available to us, to run MyVestaCP and to create a Forum for us so that we can communicate with you. I'm most indebted to you for all of your effort and for providing a brilliant fork that is kept up to date. Many thanks!
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Thank you. :D :D
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thank you and appreciate your contribution
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Thank you! Love this cp and ease of use.
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