Why myVesta supports only Debian

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Compatibility with all three Linux distributions was always wasting a time for me.
I remember one moment, long time ago, when I fixed one bug in VestaCP, I had to install all three distributions, then to install VestaCP on all three distributions, just to check if one small bugfix is correctly fixed a bug on all three distributions.
I will not even think about how much time it will take for developing new features on all three platforms.
And I don't need to remind you how many bugs we had in VestaCP just because we have three different platforms...
Plus, every distribution has at least three supported versions - for example Ubuntu has 14 versions - so there are 14 different versions of templates and config files just for Ubuntu.
And then somebody is asking why there are so many bugs in VestaCP? :)

So, nope.
If somebody want stable and 100% tested code - he must agree that developing on one platform is better idea - because everyone then has the same enviroment, every bug will be noticed immediately from all users - and therefor fixed immediately.

myVesta fork is made primarly for my hosting company, but friends asked me a hundred times to share it public, so there is.
Totally without idea to be competition to VestaCP, as I described here.
I just needed stable code for my own servers, and more secured with features that I added.

At the end of the day, it is the same if you are typing yum update or apt update.
Everything other is pretty the same on all three distributions.
It's just metter if code of hosting panel is stable and tested.

And it's easy to backup all vesta accounts, install Debian, and import vesta accounts again - for those who needs some security features from myVesta.

If VestaCP will be continued with developing, myVesta will be always synchronized with official VestaCP commits.
And fetures that I added to myVesta will be offered to official VestaCP, via git pull requests... but there is one little problem - somebody needs first to adapt it to all three distributions - and I'm even not sure how to make pull requests for all three distributions - I just can say to Serghey to take from my fork everything he wants and then to adapt it to all three distributions.

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Thank you so much for all your hard work. I appreciate and love your fork. I can only imagine how much of a hassle it has to be to fix a bug on different distributions. Debian is an awesome distro, so I think it is cool to just focus on it.

I know you said that Debian is the only focus, but how difficult would it be to create a version for an ARM version for Raspbian (Raspberri Pi)?
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