Configure fail2ban for phpmyadmin and roundcube

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Brief instructions on how to set up fail2ban for phpmyadmin and roundcube.

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mcedit /etc/fail2ban/jail.local
If you uncomment #action = vesta[name=WEB] then we will have the opportunity to remove ip from the banlist, through vesta (firewall tab).
But you need to remember that if an ip is banned in phpmyadmin or roundcube, it will be banned on port 80, 443. Any resources on the server will not be available (and user sites). Except vesta port.

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enabled = true
filter  = phpmyadmin-syslog
#action  = vesta[name=WEB]
port    = http,https
logpath = %(syslog_authpriv)s
backend = %(syslog_backend)s
maxretry = 5

enabled = true
filter   = roundcube-auth
#action  = vesta[name=WEB]
port     = http,https
logpath  = /var/log/roundcube/errors.log
# Use following line in your jail.local if roundcube logs to journal.
#backend = %(syslog_backend)s
maxretry = 10
There is also a "BUG" with action = vesta[name=WEB]. After removing the ip in the vest, it will be removed from the firewall and will gain access. But in the fail2ban jail, the entry will remain. It should not be. Example: if you do

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service fail2ban restart
- ip will return to the ban again.

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Thanks a lot man.
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