How to export SQL dump file of database via SSH

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If you are logged in as 'root' in SSH, then run:

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mysqldump database_name > data_dump.sql
If you are not logged in as 'root' in SSH, then you need login credentials for database:

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mysqldump -h localhost -u mysqlUsername --password='somepass' database_name > data_dump.sql
In order to run the said command, you will need to supply the following parameters:
  • hostname - it's localhost if you are dumping database from the same server
  • mysqlUsername - The username for MySQL.
  • password - The password of MySQL user.
  • database_name - The name of the database you want to backup.
  • data_dump.sql - The file name for your backup dump.

To export only specific tables:

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mysqldump database_name --tables table1 table2 table3 > data_dump.sql

Here you can find how to IMPORT sql dump file to the database: viewtopic.php?t=612

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