Upgrade Debian from 10 to 11

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Recently I wanted to update Debian from 10 to 11.
But... changes in PHP packages (from now 7.4 is a default PHP i Debian) breaks all Wordpress vhosts.
Problem with FPM configuration etc.

Is there any solution for such operation?
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I'm not recommending upgrade from deb10 to deb11 until we make walkthrough tutorial for that - because exim4 needs total fresh config file, and there are few things to execute in order to make upgraded deb11 working fine.
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Thanks for the answer!

ps1. Check forum mail gateway IP at Barracuda: https://www.barracudacentral.org/lookup ... reputation
I've to add to whitelist
warning: hostname web.myvestacp.com does not resolve to address Name or service not known
- that's only warning but I know mail servers that are very restricted.
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