How to install supervisor on Debian

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Supervisor is a client-server system that provides its users the ability to keep an eye on and manage multiple processes on UNIX-based operating systems.

It shares a similar objective with programs such as launchd, daemontools, and runit. However, unlike these programs, it is not designed to replace the init process as the primary process (process ID 1). Instead, it is intended to be utilized for controlling processes that are related to a specific project or customer and can be initiated just like any other program during boot time.

In the following steps, we will guide you through the installation process of supervisor on a Debian server.

In your SSH, as root, run:

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apt update
apt-get install supervisor
mcedit /etc/supervisor/conf.d/PROJECTNAME.conf
Put there the following config example:

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command=/usr/bin/php8.1 /home/SOMEUSER/web/DOMAIN.COM/public_html/artisan queue:work --timeout=0
In this example adapt PROJECTNAME, SOMEUSER, DOMAIN.COM and eventually path to public_html/ folder to your case.
Also addapt 'command' line, maybe you are not using 'artisan' as presented in previous example.
Also check what PHP version you are using, maybe it's not php8.1 as presented in previous example.

At the end reload supervisor by running the following in your SSH:

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supervisorctl reread
supervisorctl update
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