How to point webroot to another folder (instead of public_html)

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What is a Symbolic link:
In Linux, a symbolic link (also known as a symlink or soft link) is a file that points to other files or directories by representing their absolute or relative path. It's similar to shortcuts in Windows and provides a convenient way to access files or folders with long paths quickly.

How to point webroot to another folder (instead of public_html) :

For example, we added and we want that domain to open files from the folder

1. Add to myVesta
2. In your SSH, as root, run:

Code: Select all

# Creating folder
mkdir /home/user/web/
chown user:user /home/user/web/

# Optionally: moving everyithing from old public_html to new webroot:
rsync -a /home/user/web/ /home/user/web/

# Delete default public_html folder
rm -rf /home/user/web/

# Creating of a symbolic link
ln -s /home/user/web/ /home/user/web/
chown -h user:user /home/user/web/
So the conclusion is, after those steps - folder /home/user/web/ is symlinking to /home/user/web/

Another way to do this is to use v-move-folder-and-make-symlink command: viewtopic.php?t=767

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I have similar situation because my SSD was full so I make symlink on folder on second partition.
Everything works fine, but now I try to make backup of user with symlink on public_html and data from linked directory is not added in backup.

How can I resolve these?

Thank you.

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