Should we change template to hostname virtualhost?

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Good evening

I'm new user of myVesta, just installed it at one VPS a week ago for tests (the server is temporary one, Debian 10) and recently installed it at the new VPS wth Debian 11.
The steps to reproduce were: myvesta (nginx + apache + vsftpd + ... ) + multi PHP versions (5.6 + 7.4 + 8.0). I don't know why 8.0 was installed (btw I did not select it).

Currently found issues:
  1. Phpmyadmin does not work at the virtualhost with force-https nginx template, only with force-https-legacy.
  2. Roundcube (/webmail/) shows a " was not found" error. The /var/lib/roundcube/config/ has rw-r--- permissions. 777 solves the problem but it is not safe. rw-r-r (owner:root) is OK but I'm not sure it's safe. After changinf the permissions the "DATABASE ERROR: CONNECTION FAILED!" happened. The databases & tables exist, maybe smth with the user. I will try to reset the password from ssh.
Todo: phpmyadmin and webmail aliases should better be secured (randomised) the same way as the panel's "secret url" during the installation.

To be continued...
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It's not related to Debian11.
It's not documented, but, you should NOT change Web template and Proxy template to hostname virtualhost.

Instead of that, just create subdomain or new domain - and there you can put template you want.

To fix current issues with phpmyadmin and roundcube - revert hostname back to hosting-webmail-phpmyandmin template - and back to PHP-FPM-74 template - and do this - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=37 for hostname virtualhost
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